A note from Anya

Etsy & Koobik

Etsy & Koobik

I decided that talking about my Etsy challenges would be a perfect subject to discuss in my very first blog post.  

To begin, I cannot say enough of good things about Etsy platform!!  But it has changed a lot since 2013, when I first opened my shop.  With site’s every increasing user base, came a lot of downsides for artisans like me.  One of them being unable to provide a one-on-one shopping experience, which the backbone of my business.

I always wanted to be able to spend a day (or two) with each client on every order. I wanted all my shopper to have an opportunity to fully participate in their cube's creation process, from designing the layout to reviewing beautiful photographs of the finished cube. Sending each cube in a gift box with a handwritten note was another thing I could not do on Etsy due to the volume of orders. 

Closing the doors of Etsy.Koobik was a bitter sweet (and TERRIFYING!!!) moment.  But it enabled me to do what I love most — working and connecting with each and every person, one at a time!  This also comes with a lot of extra touches I am now able to add. 

As for what the near future holds; we’re 131 days into the year. That means there are 234 days ahead to create, to build, to learn.  We have 65% of the year left and I well intend to make the most of it. One order, one post, one tiny step at a time. I will always keep you updated on all things Koobik. And I thank you for being here with me!

Love always,